The polyurethane recycling company

Mobius Technologies is a synonym for circular economy, profitability and sustainability. All our processes and products are optimized towards these parameters to generate maximum value for our customers, stakeholders and for our environment!

Our Team

Mr. Walter is managing parter of Mobius Technologies. Aside from his work at Mobius, Mr Walter leads a network of companies focusing on innovation in the cleantech industry.
Dr. Joachim Schuh
Mr. Schuh is responsible for Research and Development at Mobius Technologies and leads the division for plant technologies in parallel
Mr. Grossenbacher is responsible for marketing and sales as well as the continuous development of all products and their applications
Mr. Scholtes is leading the production and the quality management of our MPU products.

Our Production

Mobius Technologies is operating the world’s largest polyurethane recycling plant on an area of 7000 m2 in Homburg/Saar. The capacity of our rigid and soft polyurethane foam cumulates to 14’000 tons per year.

​By means of mechanical and chemical processes, we transform polyurethanes which can only be used for inferior applications, into a state that opens new innovative possibilities.

Micronized Polyurethane MPU

MPU is the starting material for all our standard and upgraded products. Our process allows precise definition of grain size distribution. This allows us to tailor our basic products to the exact requirements of our customers. In order to coat the particles with catalysts and additives, Mobius has developed tailor-made technologies.

Plant Engineering

Plant engineering is an important element of the Mobius system solutions.

Mobius not only manufactures all the equipment for the refining and recycling of MPU, but also all technologies for conveying, dosing, mixing and feeding into the processes of our customers.

By combining our innovative MPUs and the respective plant technology, Mobius achieves maximum added value for its customers in various markets.

Plants are offered as complete systems and are commissioned by trained personnel.

Learn more about the possibilities of MPU in your industry and order the detailed brochure for each application.